UPDATE – I take on a limited number of clients as my Hypnosinging master classes have become extremely popular, I Will be slitting my time between UK and LA so some lessons may be done over skype.

Which lessons to choose?

If you want to make real improvement to your voice, a level of commitment will be needed with vocal coaching although you will see significant improvements in just a few lessons, to make it sustainable its will take longer than a few lessons.

I have written blogs on this subject on my other website, to help to choose the right trainer, click here    to learn about vocal confidence    click here     And about practicing    click here


1hr Vocal Coaching – £40

90 minute Vocal Coaching £55

Vocal Coaching Courses

3 x 1hr Vocal Coaching – £105 Only £35 a session (£60 saving) –  (to be used over a 3 week period)

4 x 90 Minute Vocal Coaching - Only £45 a session £180 (£60 Saving) – (Must be used over a 4 week period)


1 sessions £495

hypnosinging is an advanced training method for vocal development, a method that I am the founder and currently the only practitioner for. To find out more about hypnosinging click here