Online lessons

Free 30 minute introductory Skype lesson


I Can now teach Anyone, Anywhere!!!

My Online singing lessons are becoming so popular, you are no longer limited to the lottery of finding good training in you local area, (I personally found this an enormous challenge when I was developing as a singer)

Via skype we can work anywhere, smartphones, tablet computer & personal computers, all you need is a camera (a set of headphones will help) and we can get started, helping you become a better singer!!!!

Skype Rates

1hr Vocal Coaching – £40

90 minute Vocal Coaching £55

Buy a singing course and SAVE

3 x 1hr Vocal Coaching – £105 Only £35 a session (£60 saving) –  (to be used over a 3 week period)

4 x 90 Minute Vocal Coaching - Only £45 a session £180 (£60 Saving) – (Must be used over a 4 week